On my second day sober


I have reached my second day sober thank god I hope I can carry it going


Out of likes. You’ve got this!


I liked it for you.

@Kells87 have you considered trying something other than white knuckling it to get sober? It’s very hard for people to do alone


Still out of likes. Yeah, the holding on for dear life is not a success plan.


I tried to white knuckle and it ended badly. I was closer to suicide than I was to recovery. The first two years of recovery for me was just one terrible idea after another.


Yeah, been there. Not with the suicide. But, depressed for sure. Felt like I’d always have this addiction and that it was going to be something I’d die with.


@Kells87 Courage!!! And congratulations. Here 12 days sober. Remember 24 hours sober is what we need. No matter what I will not pick or use


On my 3rd day. Actually so grateful not to have woken up sick for the first time in a long time. Still feel tired and anxiety is higher but could be worse. Keep at it


All you need to so is stay sober today. An urge hits, walk, read, get on here, chat with us. Tell that little voice telling you 1 will be ok, to go to hell. You got this! Just add 1 more day!


I’m on my 5th day now anxiety is terrible though x


Thanks Hun on day 5 now x


Good to hear! I more day!