One mistake found

I was just reading some of my old posts from back when I was sober last year and one thing stood out to me

“guess what i meant by that is that i don’t put too much into staying sober…i just don’t drink…period. i don’t make it anymore complicated then it has to be…for me. The more i think about sobriety the more i think about drinking. Anywhoz…that’s what works for me.”

I just realized that my stubbornness and self confidence made me think i could do it all on my own without any support from AA, therapy, or surrendering to something higher then myself was the kink in my armor of sobriety that cracked and caved in when life wanted to go to war with me again…even the strongest of us can’t do this journey a lone.
Anywho, just something i noticed, thought I’d share.


I totally agree, for myself I could never do it without AA & the support of the people I’ve met there. I do realize there our some people out there that can do it alone & I tip my hat to them…because it wouldn’t work for me.

That is my story exactly!! I had such a giant ego - I thought I’m smart, I’m educated, I know what’s wrong with me. I can beat this! Wrong. I have since become alcohol’s bitch. It has whipped me and brought me to my knees. SO many times I tried to do this on my own. White-knuckling and will power is useless, alcohol is much more powerful than my weak attempts… I have to turn it over to my higher power and pray for serenity and peace. I’m glad you are here @Rikk, we all need support on our road to recovery.