One month clean

Hi my name is Sarah. And I recently decided I need to change my life and be the best me and the best mom I can be. I am as of today one month 3 days clean and free of meth and i am doing it alone without treatment or really any support. This right now if the first time I’ve ever openly admitted my four year long problem.


Admitting you have a problem is a huge step and you have allready tackled that one!
And one month clean! Great!! :confetti_ball:
Welcome here on this suportive app. I’m a woman and my doc is alcohol. Quit one year ago and sober since.
Be here often, it really helps!! 🙋

Congrats to you as well! And thank you! On my way to work but I will definitely be stopping by often

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Good job on getting clean, I am 30 days today myself, and if i can do it, you can too!! Stay strong and reach out if you are feeling weak. Just voicing on here has helped me through a couple tough days. You got this!!!