One month today - 1 day at a time!

Hi Fellow Recovery Heroes,

A year ago my life was out of control. You might know the alcoholism analogy of being in a barrel going slowly over the edge of a hill, picking up speed and then racing down a precipice towards a jagged rock-face where you get shattered and destroyed. Well, I was nearing that end and my drinking was out of control. I was suicidal, depressed and I couldn’t see a way out. I was somehow lucky to scrape myself together and book myself into rehab for a month last year November.

Not going into detail about my experience there I stepped out with a much clearer mind and renewed hope I might be ‘cured’, but within 2 weeks I relapsed for about a month, got kicked out of AA aftercare because of it and suddenly I was at exactly the same place I were before stepping into recovery. With the realization that all the recovery work was concluding to nothing I pulled myself together and stopped drinking on my own. Two weeks later I relapsed again, then sobered up for a while, relapsed again and then got so sick I felt I was dying. Shaking, heart palpitating I read up that I had revolving door syndrome.

So a month ago I switched my mind into a different gear and although it is still early days I recognize when my thoughts turn to alcohol and I can snap out of it quicker than before. I still feel my body trying to recover from years and years of abuse - even now a month later. Although I slept most of the weekend I don’t feel bad at all - I am allowed to feel tired.

At least I do not have a massive hangover like most Mondays in the past, and that feels great.

Let’s soldier on - just one day at a time…

Have a super sober week Heroes in Sobriety!

Chris xxx


Glad you are back on track, welcome back! :+1:

Congratulations @CHRISTO! 1 month is no easy task for some of us “revolving door” alcoholics! It took me 8 years of going in and out of recovery, losing everything I’ve ever held precious, and feeling suicidal before I started working a program and putting some sober days under my belt. People like us are living proof that it can be done!

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Congratulations @CHRISTO . Continue to take it step by step and you will succeed. You got this!

Congratulations on your 1 month @CHRISTO!

Hi ChristopherX,

Great to know we all share the same/similar experiences. The awesome thing is that relapsing is not failure, but part of the recovery process (I reference the movie “Beautiful Boy” with Steve Carrell - stunning!). Thank you for your reply - your sober words of encouragement made a positive impact on my life today! Keep on and remain strong!

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Thank you Buts - feels fantastic to be back! Hope you are doing great too!

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Great job on your month!

Congratulations!!! Renewed Hope…powerful words and feeling!

Yes, I’m doing fine. Thank you :heart:

Congrats 9n the month

Not yet, 18 june is my sober milestone :grin: But your the first to congratulate me, thank you! Now I definitely have to stay sober :wink: :sweat_smile:

@CHRISTO way to go on one month!

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Hi @Wonder25woman - thank you very much! Wishing you great success on your road of self-discovery and recovery!

Congrats on one month!!

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