One of them days

Woke up this morning couldn’t find my wallet to clock into work with get to work my forklift is in the shop with a flat tire so I get to use a lift that no 1 wants then immediately I spill 3 huge units 9 days sober and still in good spirits though lol not today !!!


Sounds like a rough day. Im glad you have a positive attitude around it tho! Strength to you in your sobriety

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Yeah it was everything smoothed it’s way out in the end thank you and hope you had a great day as well

Glad to see you had the presence of mind to keep an even keel about it. I remember when dealing with constant hangovers and the fogginess of addiction, ANY slip up or inconvenience would irritate me or make me angry, I guess after the fact I realized that I was in so much pain, and so irritated already, that “life being life” was unmanageable to me. Glad you saw your way through a rough patch this morning :yellow_heart:

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Thank you in the past everything had to go right for me to stay sober now am realizing just to go with the flow and enjoy my sobriety

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