One positive thing that happened today


Got prepared for a job interview tomorrow


My chicken Willow waiting on the doorstep when i got home! She wanted her snack of grapes😂


Had a lovely nap which took away my headache


My daughter’s play has closed allowing us all to finally spend time together. I am proud of her for all her hard work…I’m just glad to have her back. :joy:


I woke up to the sun shining :sun_with_face:
I saw my first bee :honeybee: and Robin bird :bird:
It finally feels like spring is trying to show up :purple_heart:


I Woke up…:slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve added another day to my sobriety.


I went to my first aa meeting x


I quit smoking today


I spent the whole day watching movies and snuggling with my babies :heart::heart::heart:


Made coffee and it smelled like sausages. Win-win.


Apped my brother that I want to visit him today and he reacted enthusiastic about it :grinning:


My stomach ache went away


Hey, nice one Ady! I admire your strength my man!:grinning:


Got 10 hours of sleep. Woke up hangover free.


Kids and I got the bikes out abd went fir our first ride of the season


Cheered my stepdaughter on in her 2nd half marathon!


Freezing rain here cancelled school transportation so I decided to stay home from work too. I’m gonna just sit in the LayZBoy with a heating pad and warm blanket. Netflix and books will be my day.


My positive thing of the day is going to my 2ed meeting x


Found out i only have to do 2 online courses for work instead of the 46 they accidentlly sent me :grin::metal::rainbow::dog2: