One positive thing that happened today


Wiffle ball in the yard with the kids…nobody can hit the curve…:baseball:


I went to a great Bikram yoga class and got lots of cuddles in with my two year old.


I actually finally slept in a bit!! I normally wake up at 5 or 6 and todayi i slept in until 7:45 today is day 45 I woke up shocked when I looked at the time it was needed and I’m just so happy for it!!


We’re dog sitting this weekend…everything with a dog is a positive thing.


I went to my meeting and saw my mum and dad x


My day just totally turned around I have an interview with two different post offices next week i scored fantastic on my tests!!! Whoohoo!!


@Natnat, i am in almost the same place with my partner of 3 years, whom i still love so much it hurts… i admire you putting yourself and your recovery first. hoping i can find the strength to do the same. stay strong, keep fighting for YOUR life :heartpulse:


My ass cusioned my fall


Sun is shining, coffee is hot!


We ended up talking and working through our problems… being the sneaking lieing pissed drug taker i was … my partner found it hard i had changed. I know its not gonna happen over nigt but we do seem to be alot stronger… who knows if it will work out but i know this is my last go of it with him… i need to put me and sobriety first . X


My husband and I went shopping together. Nothing fancy but we were together and it was fun😊


Got a 60 minute therapeutic massage. So thznkful for work extended benefits.


We have dyed a million eggs and had a blast!


I didn’t listen to the voices and try to take my life again


Drove a small manual tranmission truck with a steering wheel on the right side for the first time. Narrow streets, hills, and huge earth moving dump trucks on the same roads. No accidents :+1:


I came to terms with the fact that life doesn’t stop just because I’m sad.


I met with my sponsor and I’m finally on step 4😊


Tell those voices to fuck right off!

Thats no joke though. It sounds really serious, you are in therapy??


Didn’t need my bowels removed and a colostomy bag installed.


Survived yesterday without a drink, yesterday as really hard some reason. Now on day 25.