One week in!


Saw this this morning and started crying like a pregnant woman watching a halmark commercial lol. Idk y. Honestly I’m surprised by the emotional/physical reaction to this pic… anywho, thank god for webinars or this would be a very awkward classroom setting lol. Hope you all have a great, sober day!


7 days of getting better at getting better! Keep getting after it!


Great job! The work is constant…continue putting in the effort.


Nice job!!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Good job… I personally think the first week is the toughest. Anyways it’s still one day at a time… have great day and enjoy your first sober week proudly !




Hehe, love this post. Congratulations!!! I’ve been crying all day it seems on just day 5 :sweat_smile:, I feel it!


First week is one of the hardest! Congrats, lady! :blush:


Thanks to everyone for the congrats! This platform and everyone on here is huge to my success. On the topic of lady though… how do i upload a profile pic? Im technotarded but also a dude lol. I think a profile pic could help that mixup. Any thoughts?


Whoops! Haha… one sec…


Click on your profile pic and scroll down. You’ll see a spot to upload a pic.


Ty! That alluded me for tge past week!


Congratulations! Whoop! :tada: Whoop! :tada: