One week sober :p


Finally done it one week sober onwards and upwards


Congrats! That’s gotta feel good. Enjoying sobriety yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel fresher haha challenge tonight work Christmas party


Ah! What’s your plan to avoid temptation and say no to drinks? And do you think it’s a good idea to put yourself in that situation? Work parties (social events with alcohol in general) are crawling with excuses to relapse, many people slip up by risking it before they are really solid in their recovery.


Congrats on one week!


Congratulations on one week sober. I am with @Ifs no way would I have went to a party that includes any alcohol. Especially during early sobriety which for me lasted 8 months lol I didnt eat out, go to stores that sold it, even changed grocery stores and skipped parties until I was confident. Even then I had a plan. Brought a sober buddy. Had an escape plan. Called my AA friends before I left so they were ready if I needed them. Sounds extreme but I had to put my sobriety first. Glad your here. Keep finding new tools to keep you sober


Congratulations, one week is a hell of a start. Keep moving forward.


Congratulations and stay strong at the Christmasparty :facepunch:


Let us know how the party went! Or if you decided to stay home. Takes a lot of courage either way


That’s awesome! Congrats on one week!! :blush:


Congrats and good luck!


It didn’t go well unfortunately I am back to zero days I hate my life today


Oh no! That’s ok. Start again today. We’ve all been there. Keep sharing your journey with us.


Feel so annoyed and let down with myself today is not a good day


We live and learn. Drink regret is awful, hope you feel better soon. Good news is the sooner you’re back on the wagon the sooner you can leave that all behind you. Stay strong and stay with us :slight_smile: