One word on how you feel today


Lonely trying to fall asleep alone tonight. (Still recently new for me sigh)




@CasperDog. Hopefully you find inspiration today to bring you out of your depressed state. Feel better; pulling for you!!! :smile:


Bored… nor having a job and absolutely $0 to my name i have so much idol time and it just scares me I’ve meditated gone for a walk applied to some jobs and then i just sit in front of the tv hopefully some positive changes are to come im going crazy



It’s a beautiful day, I woke up hangover free and I got no complaints.

Life is too legit to quit.


Angry. Really angry.

Trying to let it flow through and out.




Ashamed. Relapsed last night.


Im sorry your hurting so badly. Im also sorry that the only real relief comes from time. After losing people close to us, our worlds are so altered that all we can focus on is the grief and loneliness we feel. I imagine also your feeling great sympathy for your mom that she has passed and for her at the time of her passing. To me that is always the most painful. Sometimes we can’t help but to dwell on it. I guess the best we can do for ourselves is to trust they are at peace now and time will help us accept they’re at peace. Its going to take time and only time will ease your pain. Be well Janny, I am sorry you feel so badly.


@funnydad Thank you. I actually starting reading a book on grief last night and it is already helping me tremendously, which sounds crazy but it is. Time is the only answer. I know that all too well from my brother passing. But, I had unfinished business with my brother so it was a very hard grief process. Although I miss my Mom and would do anything to talk to her and give her a kiss and a hug, I do believe this grief process is going to be a lot easier. I can already see the difference from when my brother passed and how I coped til now. I am sticking with my normal routine and if I feel like crying I do. But I am not crying or confining myself to my bed all day every day like I did when my brother passed. I think that is because me and my Mom were in a good place. We had a great relationship. There was nothing unsaid. I think that makes a big difference.


Tempted. I want to go back out. But I know it’s not worth it for five minutes of a high to have a shit ton of regret.


Happy - I feel happy today. I am not questioning it. I’m embracing it!


“Hopeful” since this is the longest I went without drinking after a 5 month bender.


I am angry


Sore. Irritable… I guess that is 2. Really appreciate my generally good health.


Grateful :fist::raised_hands::nose:


Excited, about to roll 30 days, and my phone and email are blowing up with job interviews…3 on Friday :exploding_head:.


I feel Relief




The word would be “Meh…”