One word on how you feel today


Just try and fight it, you’ll feel better for it. Find a distraction, something you can do to get past it. You got this. Tomorrow you can write “hopeful”


Survied day 1. Thanks for your reply :blush: i just found this app and have my fingers crossed it will help me stay focused.



That’s my one word.


Pissed the fuck off and it’s only day one and I’m very close to grabbing a drink


Don’t do it. Breathe. Think. We are not slaves to our emotions or to the bottle. Drinking won’t change what is making you angry. Don’t use it as an excuse to give yourself permission to drink. If you do, you will always find an excuse. Anger. Grief. Anxiety. Boredom. Happiness. We’ll always find a “reason” to drink, but if we’re honest with ourselves, these are nothing more than excuses.

If it important, we find a way. If it isn’t, we will find an excuse. Is being free from the bottle important?


Im on day 1 too from booze and smoking amphetimines. We can do this! Dont go back. Take it 1 step at a time. We got this!!


CONTENT in my actions and sobriety!


Irritated and stress but ok


Today im Happy :vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:


Scared… Probably too little too late, but I’m not going to give up…


Today i am feeling determined :+1:








Smegle I feel like smegle


G R A T E F U L! :raised_hands::facepunch: is how my day has started


Nomadic! Left house at 5:30 and have 8 different stops to get to today. By the time I’m done I could of driven back home to Maine with the miles I have to cover!


Feeling… Lonely


Pleasantly peaceful🕉



Yep. That is it.