One word on how you feel today


Motivated. I’m figuring out some goals for myself and am focused on making them come true! :smile: I hope everyone has a great day!


Cold. I feel cold. Anybody else in freezing Europe thinking about staying in bed for the rest of the month? :rofl:


I feel like I’m at peace.


Im cold too :slight_smile: but peace in mind


Congrats with a New job :slight_smile: very Nice


Gratitude :pray:


Content. Found a way to fix a problem concerning work. Oooohhh and like a child , its snowing here and like it rarely snows here …

i think this plant met snow for th first time :slight_smile: if you can call this snowing (held for an hour :slight_smile: )


Cold! In blighty


I N T E N T I O N A L!!:smiley:

Thats my one word!


Sore - my back is killing me and I can’t take any pain killers :frowning:


Funny, first post I’ve stumbled across on here answered exactly my own thoughts. CONFIDENT :tongue::blush::two_hearts::crown:




Utterly uttered




Anxious. I try to calm myself. In 4 days I have to work again and I’m already afraid of it :frowning_face: Does anyone know this feeling? This completely destroys my freetime. Ugh…I’m so looking forward to my jobinterview on 13th of march. The job I have now is not healthy for me. I first had to get sober to realize that!


Happy. Happy. Second happy was added so as to meet the reqiurement that a post must have at least ten characters.


Suspicious…damned PAWS


Plan for your interview:) it will go really well :blush:

I completely appreciate worrying about work when I’m not there :blush:
I do know that it’s hard at times but better being sober :slight_smile:


Complacent. No running water in this wee little wooden house, everything is frozen solid.
I am sober and relaxed about it, though. The old me would have been stressed out and really angry :wink:


I was off work for 5 months getting clean, so I definitely get being nervous. Then last month i got sick and was off for 2 weeks. The second time was harder than the first time as my anxiety was TERRIBLE. I totally understand! The good news is we get over it once it’s done, or so I hope.