One word on how you feel today


Drained. Tired of restarting. Just wish I could stay strong.


My word is tired.


I feel Irritated


Hope u feel better soon. What about pain reliefs gels or cream or a patch




I have some disks that are disintegrating as well as scoliosis, so the topical stuff doesn"t really do anything :frowning:


I feel good

It’s dark outside. There is a lot of snow and the wind is howling around the house
But the fire is on. My dog is asleep on the couch with me.
I feel content

I’m watching the candle flicker and rather than feeling restless I feel bloody marvellous :blush::sunglasses:


You painted a great visual of something needs to be painted. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:



Still can’t believe I’ve been sober this long. Every day is a blessing. Sometimes we have to find that one positive thing to feed off of day to day.
Happy sober Monday my sober peeps!


I feel free and confident :muscle:


Better :wink:


Anxious! I know it will pass.



Today is 56 days. I will be no vacation next week and I feel like I can do this. It isn’t so scary anymore.




Are you ok. Keep strongb


Disappointed. But also determined.


Tired, unmotivated, back hurts and getting over a cold from the weekend. Wah!


Another day no drugs and alcohol feeling fantastic. One day at a time.


Tired and lonely.


Other than the cold…that sounds like me everyday. I think I’ve just accepted it as my “normal”. Anything feels great compared.