One word on how you feel today


Relaxed… with my son at Costa :grin:


Content :heartbeat:
Knowing that I am taking it one day at a time


Are you feeling like hulk or thor ?


Anyone around you can talk to ?


Stressed. Had awful day at work, the bosses daughter called me a nasty bitch. I wanted to show her nasty. Day 19 no drinking and I want to jump on her head and then drink wine. Hate my job. Hate the nepotism ahhhhhhhhhh


Fiesty but tired :slight_smile:

Fell out with a director of another department but I do not care…as I’m right :blush:


Ok. I may not be definitely right but they were definitely wrong :wink:


Exhausted!!! Both physically and emotionally, yet at the same time I feel happy and blessed that I can experience what life throws at me and be completely present in the moment.


I don’t think that I really dare answer… !
I don’t like being a bummer to everyone.


Better. (Phew) Update after plenty of wining but no wine I went for a run. Thankful to God for making me see how small of an issue it was in the grand scheme of life. Another day lived, warts an all. Another day unwasted.


The big green guy!! I never even thought of the scene the other way around as loki. Kind of interesting now that I think about it considering how often i feel like a punching bag. ha


I’ve had those days😏


Afraid ! My mom and dad got sick at about the same time,dad came to visit got sick,left,mom got sick and after a long while i get that they are old now and such things fall heavy on them now . Being sober i guess means seeing more


I’m feeling grateful for having a roof over my head. I had been feeling sorry for myself until i saw these tents where the homeless people are staying.


Yep. I had a bad day but that puts things in perspective

I feel blessed


EAGER to see what my day has in store for me!!




Tired, I think I slept too much lol. Well, seems like my body needed that. Going to stay lazy today and watch Supernatural gnihihi


Optimistic :muscle::muscle: