One word on how you feel today


‘Healthy’ another Sunday hangover free. Just had a great workout and time to settle down on the sofa for an afternoon of football and ice tea :sunglasses:


With lots of anxiety still.


Staunch. The longer I stay sober the easier it gets. Not quite having to resist or fight, just becoming normal to not indulge in mood or mind altering chemicals. I enjoy who I’m becoming, love being thankful to Him for his guidance and support.


Overcome. With gratitude, love and hope. Texting with the wife and just had a tremendous welling of emotion. She’s always been a beacon for me, the lone lighthouse guiding this ship to port while it was dark, turbulent and hopeless. She makes me feel like the handsomest guy in the room, gives me a shoulder to lean on when I’m weary. Grateful to have that bomb ass chick as I trudge, she reminds me to enjoy the journey and not get so nearsighted on the destination.


Thats why I like back up plans. I’m pretty good at thinking on my feet too, problem solving is in my nature


Peaceful, so very peaceful. Need 10 characters


Excited! :grin: Have a horrid head cold but get the keys to my own place tomorrow! Omg can’t wait to be back in my own space with my things out of storage. Eeekkkkk!!!


My word is definitely anxious.




Big hugs @Jessthemess


Stubborn. Really testing my sobriety this weekend, and refusing to fail.


Exhausted …fartbubble




Lost. Lonely. Worthless. Stupid.


Tired but determined!


Sounds like a bad yelp review in the making


Today’s word is: annoyed.

At least it’s Friday, I have a show tomorrow, and then I’m off until next Wednesday…so, there’s that.


Feeling in a Zen state of mind☯


Full!!! Just had cold stone ice cream, my new addiction haha