One word on how you feel today


Joie de vivre!


Remember: Carpe Diem


A little stressed but ok.


Terrible with one word.


Even. Not great, not horrible. Just kinda in the middle and able to handle and cope with things that frustrate me. Thank God for sobriety and the balance it brings.


Eager beavery. I want it to be next Monday so I can start my new job.




Congratulations to your new job.


So what job you gonna be doing?


Care manager for a public health agency. I’ll be working with addicts, homeless, HIV/AIDS patients and people who suffer from mental health issues


More than one word - motivated, strong and determined. “Something” has shifted and its a great feeling… feeling like I’ve turned a corner in my thinking and am following through with action and no longer just words…


:joy::joy: @anon37742172 peely… :joy: go get yourself some Aloe Vera gel - sooo soothing for your poor skin.






Stationary. Bruised my foot while walking because my shoes were so wore out(less than 3 months old but over 500 miles on them lol). Bought new kicks, but no walking today. Kinda boring.


Mindfull :grinning::call_me_hand:


Overheated: sunny::fire::sweat:



My girlfriend I talk about often on here quit smoking the Mary Jane yesterday! She is being sooo smart about it and while she’s not quite ready to quit drinking (minor addiction comparitively) she’s acknowledging that she wants a drink but won’t because she is worried she’s compensating and doesn’t want to do that. And the best thing is…she sent me a screen shot of the app she downloaded to track her days and guess what it is…aww yeah baby, she might be joining us in here!!


Tired, wrapping up day 1, looking forward to some sleep tonight and some clarity in the A.M.