One word on how you feel today


Willingness :pray:


Please know you are not alone and that there are many who wish to help you through whatever you are going through :purple_heart: Sending strength and love :muscle::pray:


That great you were still able to fight thru them! Wonderfully done!!! Sorry to hear things are still rough. Know that they will get better! It’s a new and different life sober. It comes with new challenges and there is no hiding from our emotions with our crutches, so not only are things felt but it’s more intense. It’s how I know I’m finally really living again, experiencing the ups and downs. It’s not always pleasant, but I still feel blessed and am hanging in there as well! :heart:


Roasted :dizzy_face::volcano::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny:


Good :sunglasses:
Ok thats more than one word :blush: just catchiing up


Chauffeured. My boy is driving me around on our errand running this morning and I’m cranking Fat Bottom Girls lol. Ever wonder what 200 lbs of ice looked like? I must say, I thought it would be more lol


Feeling at peace. Little breakfast al fresco on the deck, listening to the birds.


Have you considered changing your user name? Speak power. Live power.



Six years ago my bass got nicked. It wasnt a great guitar by any means and one might even argue it’s ugly beyond belief, but it had a special place in my heart. I played some of the best shows of my life on it, and used it to record the very first album we ever put out. Thought id never see it again.

Untill it turned up at a pawnshop just half an hour from where i live.

Wtf :heart_eyes::blush:


Content :heart:

Sober Lemonade!



Tomatoes and Cucumbers are planted. Blueberries, Raspberries, Grapes growing nicely. Lettuce, mint and Kale ready to harvest. Plumbs, Apples and Peaches doing well, and hopefully the squirrels will leave me some.




I’ve become to soft. Because I was a c**t when I was at my worst. I said to myself I would change everything. But now people think they can walk all over me. People will learn. That just coz the beast is sleeping does not mean it’s gone.
I’m getting my life back and So much more.


Hurt but I will not let it get me to down.



After an insanely eventful day, I’m thankful for being sober through it all.


I love all the green, I can’t wait to see some updated pictures with the colorful fruit :hibiscus:

Aren’t you worried the mint will take over in your garden?


I keep it chopped back and there’s a root barrier.


Feel ok. Found out I have to move and have so many memories at my home im very upset about that. But on the plus side I said no to drugs today :slight_smile:



Birds are singing. Cat is purring. My wife and kids are sleeping. I did loads yesterday (things to the tip, shopping, sawhorse building, wood chopping, played a game, had pizza out) and here I am sober with a full sunny day ahead.

Okay I’m also tired… :slight_smile:


Classic Queen! Love that jam. Life’s so good sober and in the moment isn’t it.