One word on how you feel today


Sooo tired… restless sleep… gotta go make me another coffee!


Today I feel defeated by my bad mood. It is difficult to close my mouth


That’s been me every day so far!!! I do hope for both our sakes, we quickly sail through our rages!!! Chin up, deep breaths, and we got this!


:blush: thanks . today I feel guilty for had been so moody yesterday. As you said I have to change for my good. Praying for you, please pray for me. Sometimes anger takes the best of me


I completely understand!! I have been distancing myself from most everyone because I’m afraid of my reactions. But I’ve also warned those that I care about to not take anything I say/do in the upcoming weeks personally. Day by day, we will take charge of our addiction and our anger will slowly slip away. We got this. Breathe, buddy!! Have a great day. Sending positive vibes your way!


Fearful but I know it will pass


Grateful for today!


Me too… and completely confused… things will get better!!!


Focused :smiley: (awake and clear headed this morning!)




Which is horrible as I’ve been clean for 202 days. And been feeling positive.


@Bear it happens to all of us at some point, and it will probably happen again. Just keep doing what you are doing and I promise it will pass. If you haven’t read about PAWS, I would suggest looking it up. You could even search for it in the search bar. You got this man, 202 days is freaking awesome!


Hope you’re ok Bear, hugs!


The bad times always pass… it kinda irritates me when people reminding me of this but it’s so true. Hope you’re ok.


Hang in there Bear - that’s a hard-earned 202.
Drinking at whatever’s causing this only gives you an extra problem.


Bear Hug
You got this!


:wink: thanks for the nice reply and feels good when someone understand your fight. I am on holidays and I hope to pacify my heart. Anger causes me the same void of my addiction. How much healing I need. God bless you and I will try to breathe :blush:!!!


Frustrated. Everything was going smoothly, hitting our marks with our case manager. Then she transfers and we get a new sheriff and suddenly we haven’t been engaging. Patience is the key, nothing happens overnight. Can’t control anything but my thoughts, feelings and actions so thats what I’ll do, focus on the positive and keep trudging.


Ride the waves, always cognizant of the undertow


Tired. Anxious. Resentful about having this disease. Reflective - regretful about my actions and choices I made when I was drinking, wish I could turn back time and take it all back.