One word on how you feel today



Whenever coworkers are out for the day, their workload is reassigned to those in the office, so my work doubled for the next two days. At least I don’t have any meetings today, to derail my work flow.

Have a strong day!!!


Keep strong and sober. When u get through this tough patch which you will. u will come out of it shining and so pleased with yourself that you stayed strong.
If you need a chat. I’m here.


Thanks @Bear I’ve had to reset :pensive: damn I’m so pissed off with myself. Heading out shortly to go to an AA meeting this morning.


Oh honey, I’m sorry to hear that. Keep fighting, I’m glad you’re going to the meeting! What happened? Be gentle to yourself. You cant change the past. All you can do is own it, learn from it and change so you don’t need to feel this way again. :heart:


Hot. It’s blazing out today. Thank God for AC


I felt that way yesterday and today as well. Sending positive vibes your way love!! I hope tomorrow makes you shine!


Thankful for this app and the great community among it




And ice cold water!! This heat is crazy!


Oh the meeting was so powerful. Very raw, honest and powerful. I feel so much strength, peace and inspiration and belonging when I walk through those doors of AA - it’s like a coming home feeling. Need to do 30 meetings in 30 days but it’s just not an option with where i live and I don’t enjoy the online meetings. Will just have to you tube some speakers on the days i can’t get to a meeting plus im starting boxing with my son tonight which will be great. I love boxing and haven’t trained for a few yrs… what happened? I had to take my son to work at 5.30pm which is my danger time to be out and about… it’s like I went onto auto pilot and found myself in front of the bottle o and without even thinking twice about it. So stupid. So careless. I admit I’m an alcoholic but I still have trouble accepting it…






Confident - I struggle a lot with asking for what I want… but a few days ago I asked for my review at work, which was way over due… and asked for a raise in my pay… which they agreed to!


Ever have a day when for no reason you’re simply on edge? Nothing is wrong. Slept to late for the morning meeting, but I can always go to the 4:30 meeting. And I have the day to do errands. Why am I so cranky?


GRATITUDE to the ones that came before me in the rooms of AA that has made my sobriety possible by laying the groundwork for living a life well-lived clean and sober.


Yeah. I’ve had quite a few. In my experience while nothing seemed wrong, there was always a thread of something somewhere that led to a ball of emotion. 1 small emotion can derail a train.

Meditation can help in pinpointing the real reason for the mood, once it’s identified you can work on it. Either accept or do what’s in your power to actively try and make it better.




Over-fucking-whelmed. I need the hits to just take a break for a day or two. Just keep repeating this to myself more as the days go on. God, please grant me serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference!


If You always think want you always thought you will always get what you’ve always got.


I read this and thought of Daniel Bryant chanting “YES YES YES YES YES”