One word on how you feel today


Keep it up!!


Giddy. My speakers and pods arrived in the mail today and like a lil boy I want to play with my new toys.


The beard has provided


Oh it has! Lol. With love from Poland.


Hopeful :slightly_smiling_face:





After a day of coffee then working on my herb garden, raking and mowing, I went to a birthday party at my best friends. I didn’t expect to see her parents as they live in Florida, these guys have been like my parents since I was a teen. When my dad died, her dad filled in completely. I was with them most every day but dad and I have this crazy bond because when his own kids would ignore him, I would sit with him and talk for hours. Well at the party he told me he wanted me to look at something, I assumed it was for the birthday girl. They dimmed the lights and he had me unwrap it. And…he made me this amazing work of art!!! I’ve waited at least a decade for my own piece, my ex happens to also be his son so when I had to give the original piece he made us back to him I was super bummed. Not anymore!!! I’m feeling shocked, surprised and loved. :heart: Fucking gorgeous!!




My allergies are making me crazy tonight!!


Sad today. :cry:


That’s a lovely story, thanks.

My one word “happy”.

Not a word I use often, so will appreciate the moment.

Laters all.


But before i leave, I’ll just say that you should reread the advice you gave to another today and apply it to yourself “as bad as it feels right now, it would feel even worse if i let myself down with a drink”.

You sound like a caring, thoughtful person. You’ve got your full life ahead of you and so many possibilities. There’s so much more to life than drink and whatever is making you sad will pass (trust me, I’ve suffered crippling depression! ;))

Lastly, you’ve a pretty smile, so don’t be sad too long, the world needs more pretty smiles in it m

Anyway, really must clear off, but couldn’t ignore your post.


Empowered. First time out, day 16, and not tempted or craving. But then again my drinking was never about being social.


Thankfulll. I know there are only 2 l’s but that’s only 9 letters lol


That was so sweet, thank you. I appreciate that, and I will try to take my own advice!

 Agitated 😬😬😬


That’s a horrible feeling. Hope you find a distraction. Or maybe it’s going to be a lesson in toleration. Whichever it turns out to be I send bif hugs xxx


I’m feeling great!


Me too, first week under my belt and gone a whole weekend with no alcohol. Watched the football sober then got up this morning and played golf with no hangover!!


Oh this thread is “one word…” :weary: trust me and my big gob. “Awesome”