One word on how you feel today


My cat is in heat. It’s like she’s on X. Rubbing everything, my shoes, my legs, my feet, my arms. Constantly mewling, a mournful sorrow filled sound of longing and despair. Ass in the air at the sound of her name. Driving me bonkers lol.

Point is, I feel your pain. We all share common frustrations and feelings, good sobriety is a team effort so keep posting and sharing, it’ll help not just you but everyone who reads it.


Myopic. I am focused on my newly renewed passion for car audio and health. Finally got the drivers side 3 way installed and the sub, sounds great for only half the speakers lol. Gonna have to pay some more attention to the wife here soon, she’s the one taking the hit when it comes to affection. Just a little more balance is all that’s needed.


Thats good you acknowledge her needs! Balance is good but so is finding thing you’re passionate about. Yay for sobriety!


I preach the team effort mantra. Marriage and relationships are no different. I like being the ying to her yang, the Ozzie to her Harriet, the Dan to her Roseanne. I still pay her attention, and have been including her or at least try to in my endeavors, even actually do stuff she wants to do/her passions. Just been feeling a bit selfish this past week and will make the extra effort. Her roses are dying, so I’ll start with some fresh ones and a card.


Thats a great way to look at it, I suspect this is why you’re happily married! Lol


Totally fucked up


Accomplished. 90 days! @Jammie My sober twin, you are here with me still, right? :slight_smile: Happy 90 days!!!


I knew you would be because you’ve done so well. Happy 90th!!!




Positive and excited. I’m getting over this bullshit negative feeling and I’m doing this. I work a double today so even if I wanted to I wouldn’t have any free time to go out.


The word for today is ‘grateful’.


My ass is sore from my vivitrol shot


Yeah, blame the sore ass on a shot…we all saw the shades you were wearing…LOL :joy::joy:


If that were the case the dude doesn’t have good aim bc it’s about the furthest part of the ass from the hole


Resounding! All speakers in. Feelings quite dynamic! And loud! It’s Friday, I’m sober, the sun is out and the tunes are up, God is good!


Shots in the ass…sounds like some fun exploratory college years lol


Dude I dunno where you went to school…


School of the hard knocks lol. I did go to ASU for a minute, until drinking became a full time occupation.


I guess you guys do it differently out there


Spose you’ve never heard the cliche lol