One word on how you feel today


Happy :slight_smile:


What do you enjoy doing? It’s weird sometimes at first but you have a GREAT personality so I bet if you start going to do things you love to do on your own, you’ll probably meet some people that are right up your alley! The Facebook idea @CaptAZ had was good too.


I’m SO proud of you!!! You’ve GOT this girl!




Very tired… no energy- :frowning:


Strong and happy!


Proud for my day !


Pragmatic. Head in the clouds but feet firmly planted on the Earth.






How about three.

Restless, irritable, and discontent. I shouldn’t even be allowed around people today.


If I fed you a ceramic plate would it cheer you up Sir Goat?


Powerless …


I think i found a way to keep others safe for now…


Wats app. That way u can only connect to the people in your contact list and don’t get request or people looking you up. That you don’t wanna make contact with.


Some task or challenges may make you feel powerless. But you can over come them or find a different route round. And when u have accomplished your task you will feel powerful.


Comfortable :dancer:


Fucking amazing!!!


Oh yay!! This makes me happy


Thanks! How are you doing?