One word on how you feel today


I’m kind of feeling the same today! I’ve been kicking ass and taking names for myself these last few days and it feels great!


Sun poisoned… but thankful I’m still sober!


Great job on reaching out to AA… Ive found talking with others and hearing how they deal with it, makes it alot easier… Good luck, you got this…


Connected, attuned


Bittersweet, missing my favorite human☯


Thanks,! I’ll look into it!


Happy, which with all that is going in in my life has not been something I have felt much lately. But I have a new wonderful guy in my life, and it is a good feeling.


So I’m 18 months in and I’m finally sleeping. I wake up rested and ready to face the whole world. The fog is finally lifting and I’m smiling a lot more. I’m positive rather than negative. My family talks to me now and doesn’t avoid me anymore… it’s finally getting better… the struggle is a daily struggle and I fear that I will one day think I have it licked.


Polished. Getting better at getting better daily. Making a habit of being sober and dealing with life in life’s terms.


Careful with putting too many eggs in one basket. Mr. Nice Guy can turn into Mr. Asshole in a flash.


Accomplished. I worked through an oncoming panic attack instead of it getting the best of me. :muscle:


I am definitely only committing to one egg in the basket lol. I am not a stupid girl…been there, done that.


Irritated. O-50, flew by… keeping my goals simple, but damn am I going to ever get to 55.








Anything you wanna rant about?


You okay, friend?


Not just yet…at the moment I’m just trying to not think about. Thank you for asking bud.


I’ll survive. Just a lot of lemons and I don’t feel like making lemonade…