One word on how you feel today


Sending you some love. Feel the shame and then move forward. It’s the only way to go from here :heart:


I just keep telling myself urges pass and they do💕


Third times a charm my dear… third time is YOUR charm. You can do this shit!!


Let’s hope you’re right because I don’t have many attempts left I feel. Also there’s people dropping like flies out my way because of fentanyl so it’s a matter of time if I don’t stop


Yep. Three salt grains of that will kill you. Think about the things and people that are worth it. YOU are worth it. Your husband is worth it. All the people who love you. It’s too soon for your husband to pick out what color casket he wants his wife to be in. You have done it before, so you know it’s possible. Stay strong my friend…


Well Kerry this is the husband I guess my nickname could be seen as feminine.but I am the husband in the photo. Sabrina is my wife.


Sorry! The name is close to mine so I just assumed. Well then, flip my words the way they should be flipped. Your wife is beautiful… don’t make HER pick out your casket, man. You have so much life to live. I truly believe you have it in you and can do it. We all can… just need the strength to get through the rough shit patches as they come and go. It’s ok to feel ashamed right now… I still have my moments every fuckin day of shame. But you need to keep pulling forward and not let the shame set you back. One day at a time. One minute at a time!


Yup and even though I was doing meetings my last bouts of sober time, I wasn’t working any steps, had no sponsor, just white knuckled it. I want to change that this time.


It’s a feeling most every single person here has felt. You aren’t alone.

The best way to relieve yourself of shame is to stay sober and make the next right move today. Gettint stuck in the past will do just that, keep you in the past. Stay present, stay with the “what good action can I do today” thought process.


Good sound advice thank you.


Imagine trying to type that word while drunk😂


So now you know what it’s going to take to succeed this time and that’s a lot more than some people. You got this👍


No f…g kidding! I think I would have passed out in the middle of it! Also, would not have remembered the next morning what was it that I was confused about. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Regaining balance.

I had a really, really bad Sunday with my mood…worst since being sober. I tried and I tried, but I was just awful for a lot of it. Had an echo of rage again this morning.

But more I’ve run and showered and for the moment I’m alone. So moving toward health, fingers crossed.


Done. Goodnight folks :sleeping:


Refocusing… .




Headachy… when do they stop??


Optimistic, would be my word today.


“Excedrin Migraine or Extra Strength” did wonders for me. I had really bad headaches for the first 16-17days. Im finally sleeping better, not sweating all night and headaches are not as bad anymore