One word on how you feel today


Bad stuff At work. I feel like im trying to stop the tide with a spoon


I feel the same way at work…I see the light at the end of the tunnel…but I am wondering if it is the sun or the next train.



No great meditation breakthroughs. But… I dunno. My insides are being weird. :drooling_face:



Towards myself. For relapsing, again. I had it all and chose to give it all away. For what? Nothing but a cheap high and pain and misery for not just me but the ones that love me the most.


Working with othet alcoholics and addicts keeps my life in perspective. But for the grace of God go I.


Excited! Things keep lining up now that I’m beginning to really live life on my own terms and to my own standards. Got a small raise today without even having to ask my boss for one, that was on the roster. Once I’m done with all of my training, we are going to revisit it but an extra $50/week is good by me to start!


Reflectful, sober life is amazing but shit can still hit the fan when you aren’t looking!


Divided. Too much goin on for my lizard brain, time to clean up some clutter and reprioritize.


Ok. I feel pretty tranquil


That’s awesome Mandi! that’s literally never happened with my current job of 6 years. If I didn’t ask for one I’d probably be making less than minimum wage at the moment (for California) lol






Melancholy. :sleepy:


I’ve been at my job for 15 years and that’s never happened to me either LOL. Good bosses make all the difference in the world! She’s the only reason I’m still there, I actually told them I quit a few years ago and they changed my position which luckily changed my supervisor. It’s insane how much we deal with to get to our breaking-point. When we decide to stop settling, things really do change in great ways! Good for you for asking, keep on them!


Yes exactly! I’ve asked for one at least once a year and have gotten it every time. I do my research and come with a handful of info and figures on why I should get the raise etc.

That’s so great about your boss, and I recall you saying you love your new (since the last one) position at your job. So happy to hear it’s going well!

I’ll take extra money any day lol




Doing ok? Feeling any better? Thinking about ya.


Thank you, I am doing surprisingly well. Melancholy was probably a bit overstated.


Sometimes it only lasts a bit, I was being a bitchbag when I got home tonight. Half hour later I was good again. I worked so hard on the house, to have one kid destroy the house in one swoop while I was gone set me off. Dumb but ya know, it happens. Work in progress and all lol.


It’s all a work in progress. Thankfully we have tomorrow to get better at it!

Thank you for asking.