One word on how you feel today


Wet lol it’s fuckin raining so hard here



Life is becoming a habit. Getting the kids up and adam, to school and on to work for me.


Sleepy. Volunteered at the hospice today, teaching again tomorrow. Time for a hot shower and some pasta!


No words just this feeling.


Today I feel lost. Been a reoccuring theme lately.


Lost how ?


Its tough to explain. It feels as if something is missing or that im supposed to be somewhere or doing something that im not. Maybe incomplete would be a better “one word”.


Man, I know that one. Sometimes I feel I’m living someone elses life for them. The Big Man’s got the answer @MewilHoward, sometimes it’s staring us in the face, sometimes he wants us to seek it out.


Yea it will come eventually. I mean my life is going amazingly well so its kind of odd that something just feels missing now. I think it might be a good woman.


Pray. Trust. Faith. Keep honoring God by your recovery. Know that we love you & most importantly, so does he. He has the best timing :heart:


I don’t know if a woman is the reason you feel empty or not, but while you’re waiting for her… Buy her something. Buy her a bracelet or scarf. Keep it in drawer, touch it every now & then and pray for her when you do. Pray that she’s well, healthy, happy & working her way toward you :heart:


I needed that quote. I have been feeling lost in general.
My heart knows where it needs to be but my brain falls victim to relapse quite easily. My body is also feeling it more than it used to.

I’m having troubles just even through a SINGLE DAY lately. Very abnormal to how I used to drink. I hate this.


Clear :boom::boom::boom::boom:


Remember, just right now. I found it helpful to stay busy, especially constructive things. Maybe clean a bit, go for a walk, read the forum. Just being sober now. Remembering the terrible fallout from drinking. That if I stayed sober now, good things started following instead. I was able to do the next thing, then the next thing.

It sucks, but it passes! :heart:


Inspired. Thank you @Charlesfreck and @Declan for sharing your insight, wisdom, and purity. You guys give me hope that One day, I’ll meet one of your kind in real life and not just in the form of 0s and 1s :rainbow::shell:


Thankful for sure


Ditto @naturehippy77!


Hopeful, Full of Hope


Empty. Empty. Empty.


I didnt know you changed your name!