One word on how you feel today


Who did you think was giving you all that wonderful advice? :joy:


I didnt know! I was really puzzled who this wonderful stranger was haha




Exhausted. Worked the last 5 out of 6 nights and people at work are being less than nice. This job is really taking its toll on me emotionally.


I hear ya on the jobbie job front. All ya can do sometimes is laugh at the preposterous nature of it all.


Overjoyed :hugs:


I just gotta make it until next August when my legal issue resolves. Work on myself and not take their nastiness to heart (easier said than done) and figure out my next move in this game of life. Things seem to be better one day then people are cross the next. Downside of working with woman for sure. Need more testosterone in my workplace. Nights is also emotionally exhausting in itself. Have a 4 day weekend and have plans with the fam. My nephew is the kindest child and he always makes life better!




I always wanted to use that word somewhere :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I feel scattered today


Excited: I’ve sent a request for a consultation to my local employment exchange. I am interested in going to school again / studying. I’m very interested and fascinated how our medical devices work (laser devices for eye surgeries for example) and I want to become a technician. We’ll see if this is possible. I even have sweaty hands now lol :sweat_smile:


I can’t even read that :crazy_face:


Mary Poppins!


Accomplished and resolved (if you can feel like that :thinking::joy: maybe peaceful is better…?)




My whole week has been a rollercoaster.



Drove by a car group driven by members of the Organization I needed to (literally) escape for my sobriety, my life, and my future. When I worked up the #courage to leave, I left with my car and 35 cents. The Organization and it’s doctrine is the source of my fear and the root of the pain that I’ve been trying to drown for over two decades. The freedom to live an honest and integral life is a blessing and gift beyond words and my heart bleeds for all the youth still chained to the lies and fear the Organization promotes… many of them denied and isolated from a safe and normal social life as I was for 34 years. :broken_heart:

I’m finally at a point in my recovery where I feel safe, stable, and strong enough to speak UP and OUT about the TRUTH their Governing Body and Men in “authority” keep closed and locked up from the “secular authorities”. They pride themselves on being “no part of the world” but I now take refuge and solace in the REAL LIFE, the Declaration of Independence, and Human Rights. As I continue to fight for my own children, I’m speaking out for their whole generation so they know that “Auntie Dom” never left them but is preparing a safe house in which they can run when they need the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that they are deprived of when and if they decide to leave the “jealous G-d” they were “inculcated” to serve because ‘perfect love casts fear outside’. (1 John 4:8)


Thankful :heart:


Jehovah’s Witnesses?


I understand where you get the strength and determination from @naturehippy77, you want your children back and safe, and you want to help others that have been pulled into the vortex.
What amazes me is the AMOUNT of strength and determination needed for such a battle, and that you do it in such a way - not with anger and hatred, but with, as you indicate, love.
How can God not bless you!