One word on how you feel today


Extremely Fearful :pensive:


Energized. I am one of those weak people that just couldnt quit for decades…relapse after relapse…that annoying person that couldnt figure it out. I found a program, a group, that energizes my sobriety “batteries”. A group that helps you live sober with all that life throws at you. I look forward to my meeting on Sunday morning. I am energized and ready to go!


We are here for you!


In a MOOD. A bad one😡


Just for today…be🕉


Yay! That’s awesome!


I have gone to other meetings…just something about this one on Sunday morning I connect to.

  1. Rested (hubs got up with all 3 kids today!) yesssssss


It will pass, I promise​:heart::heart: Focus on you today, be utterly selfish and just get through it. This is one of those times a sobriety toolkit will really come in handy. Emergency music playlists, favorite teas, have these things prepared in advance so when these bad moods spring up you’re prepared for them. You’re doing so good, and we’re all here for you :heart:


Whole!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Thanks Angie. I just vented on Twitter and feel better cause it’s like screaming into the oblivion😅 I don’t have any interest in drinking, will go run some errands now that half the city has electricity and listen to my binaural beats later.


I was supposed to deep breathe myself out of frustrated which was my word yesterday. Now my word is sad. I’m not in danger of drinking. I sprained my ankle a month ago. Wasn’t aware they take forever to heal. My happiness is tied closely to my ability to run. Have to make an appt with a podiatrist tomorrow because there’s a possibility I actually tore something now, after running too soon on it. While I can still get my endorphins from lifting and kenpo, its not the same as running and I have a feeling I’ll be sidelined for months. Feeling very sad today.


Heal that ankle, lady! Broke mine four years ago and spent three months not hiking or running (or… anything!). I wept for joy on my first run & hike after the all clear, good and strong after PT/rehab.

This too will pass, and it’ll get strong again, but not so quickly if in a hurry! :hugs:


Day 287 feeling very lucky :heart:


But I need more characters to post, lol.


I have zero chill but I’m trying :joy: going to take whatever guidance I get at my appt, even if it’s no running for 3 months. And pretty much guaranteed to cry the first time I get to run again too :heart:


Calm and thankful.

Slept later than planned, budget meetings in the morning, dealing with low performer in the afternoon. Too do list was longer when I left than when I got to work this morning.

So…I came home, poured a coffee (not what was my normal pour after work), put on some classical music and cooked supper with my 12 year old daughter.

Yes I think calm and thankful sums it up.

Thank you sobriety, because otherwise I would be short tempered and cranky AF.


I feel connected :heart:


500 days sober @NewPerspective :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


Yes tomorrow :grinning: