One word on how you feel today


My counter is showing 500 today!?


13th May? Or was it 12th? I had to reinstall the app so maybe I got the date wrong but I’m sure it was Saturday 13th


Hug that big old furball. I would imagine that cures a multitude of ills.


I know the thread says “one word”, and a picture is worth “a thousand words” but I hope this conveys how I am feeling today:



You are right , it’s the 13th, I had it as the 12th on the app, never mind ! I have been happy all day and have tomorrow to look forward to now :joy::sunglasses::star_struck:


Down. Received some disappointing news from a business funding resource. Trying not to let it get me super down. I know there are so many more resources I just need to continue the search. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when!


For the TKD school?




Yep. I need x and they came back at 25% of it.


Having a headache but have to study today.


Scattered , very scattered


Their loss. Means they just weren’t the right partners for the opportunity.


Happy :slight_smile:


Excited :grin::blush::rofl::smile::laughing:


Lonely :disappointed_relieved:
Finding a man is not easy. All I’ve learned since I’m searching is “You’re one of those nobody wants”.
…or maybe I’m just HANGRY…dunno…I’m pretty pissed right now.
But I won’t drink cuz it would not help a bit!


I feel jaded.


Somewhere out there is a guy who has everything he could possibly want in life, except you. He just hasn’t met you yet, and heard the universe crack. Quit searching for him. Just be out in the world, and he will find you, or more likely, you will find each other.



As usual, too blessed to be stressed. God is good, sober life is great. Even when I have a rough moment I can make it right, it doesn’t have to turn into anger, it doesn’t have to continue, it can be all good.


Yep. If i dont get promoted by end of October my job by the end of the year may not exist

So yep…sliģhtly wobbly


Happy. At my desk bobbing in my chair to ABBA and The Tragically Hip. That’s right. ABBA, you know you secretly love them, admit it.

:notes::microphone:Yes I’ve been broken hearted, blue since the day we parted​:notes: