One word on how you feel today


Incredibly frustrated with people, hope it just another stage in recovery


Hopeful, grateful, and thanking God I didn’t drink yesterday and praying I dont drink today. I need to start asking God to force me to wear my sleep apnea machine at night. I am as alert as a sloth this morning.


Today i feel stressed and unsure about the future



I publicly posted about my sobriety journey with the daily screenshot yesterday on FB and the support and response has been truly heartwarming and encouraging. I love this app because I feel it helps me maintain privacy and dignity while talking about things I’d likely never discuss on FB or with friends, but admitting it publicly at this point just feels like I popped an overfull balloon of secrets and shame. Onward ho!



Ready for my sweet and amazing kids to go back to school :grimacing: I love them and have loved this four day weekend together, but I need some uninterrupted time to do my schoolwork.


monday gah!!!



Tired, but comfortable. Life’s good, too blessed to be stressed.


Tired, stressed and high anxiety. :frowning:


At the moment, very grateful and very blessed as I read my gorgeous son some bedtime stories before I kneel down and thank God for his blessings and keeping me sober, healthy and happy.


Proud of you


Unsure, second Day of work practise at a construction site. The feel of not being one of the work Group yet. Unsure of little things. You know what I mean :yum:




RELIEVED that yesterday is over and I didn’t succuum to the urge because it lasted longer than the others.


Dont know what to do to get " life" after sobriety


Like the first day of school


Same here.


So tired after being awake aaaaall night … I constantly nod off at my desk :sweat_smile: Can’t wait for my brain to relearn a normal sleeping pattern! Melatonin sadly does nothing for me anymore.


Ashamed is how I would describe how I feel.


Welcome. Don’t feel to ashamed. You have taken the first step. Don’t beat yourself up about it, I know the tail is inbetween the legs right now and it’s not a nice feeling. But head high, tomorrow is a new day, you will feel better. Promise. :hibiscus::sunflower::blossom:


I feel like my head is too full. Been on the phone to car insurance people most of the day.