One word on how you feel today



…yeah, that about sums it up lol


Is what it is…


I’m with you on that one! I chatted with a couple friends via messenger, but I really miss humans. I have group tomorrow so that should help get me out.




Lonely (very)


For my sobriety and the support and love that I have around me from my family


Productive. Another fantastic day of sobriety, got some things done.

Life’s good folks, enjoy the ride. You only get 1 chance to twist and 1 chance to shout.


May I both twist and shout?


That is wholly up to you brother, just don’t throw a hip out :joy::rofl:



Insomnia is my foe these days.




Tired. Thought I got my sleeping fixed but no…


Life is looking pretty good today


That’s an impressive word :mortar_board:




Cozy :blush: Watching Mc Gyver and sipping coffee. All good over here


Is he saving the world by defusing a nuclear weapon using tools built from palm fronds and snot?


He just escaped from a submarine with a bottle of oxygen and a pistol (those emergency lights you fire when you’re in trouble on the water)


Fucking legend
I love how realistic it is. Like it’s something we could all do.


Excited! First Skater hockey match of my son with his new team