One word on how you feel today


Irritable :angry:





Free and easy thoughts, not too obsessive today.

So far :joy::rofl:


Jocund :sparkling_heart:
Got a bit of a stuffy nose this morning but other than that I’m great!!




Geez I’m going to have to dig out my theasurus to keep up with the impressive lingo that’s being posted on here! :joy:


Forget the cozy K…now I’m a crying K. Why?
I did laundry earlier this day and went downstairs to pick my washed clothes up. When checking my clothes upstairs I found thousands of white flakes EVERYWHERE. Seems I AGAIN forgot a tissue in one of my pants.
So the last 30 minutes I was sitting in my bathroom on the floor, laughing and crying…trying to clean my clothes that I need for work tomorrow… I eat icecream now.


Broken. Like I’m never gonna be normal.


Kinda feeling the same right now. Deep breaths


Perplexed :thinking: or maybe confounded :man_shrugging:t3:. Yeah lol I like confounded more for how I’m feeling lol. Maybe it should be confusing now :joy:


The kids all go back to school tomorrow after 7 weeks of school holidays. Holy moly cannot wait to flop somewhere are not get interrupted every 5 minutes! Love my kids, but yeah… time out guys…


Releif and embarrassed. Little medical scare last night, but already home from ER, with just a script for antibiotics and Motrin 800.




Excited. 40 days is just a few hours away.


Scared. I have trouble with sleeping and just got call I have job interview at wednesday…






Its midnight here and my son and I just killed a massive wolf spider in our house… this thing could be heard crawling along the wall behind the TV unit. My son is 17 and he somehow manage to get it with a shoe… tonight I have officially granted him the title of not just being my hero but he is now also a man :joy: what a rite of passage that was :flushed::confounded::spider::spider::prince:


A lot of us can feel that way, a lot of people without addiction issues can feel that way too. So in my eyes, that is completely normal.

What would you classify as normal? Have you ever felt that way and if so when was the last time you did?

We are human and prone to mistakes. Everyday we strive for progress, not perfection.


Uhoh what happened? Are you okay?