One word on how you feel today




Yeah. Thanks. Which is funny lol, cause I don’t feel normal, but that feelings normal haha. Mind blown😆

Honestly, I have no idea. There’s no normal really, cause everyone’s different. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been too normal. I used to love to read and was smarter than grade level and stuff. So I’ve never been super normal. Idk.

That’s a really great one. Progress, not perfection. I like that.


The less we look at our differences the more we can see the similarities. Anyone can relate to one another regardless of class, race, intelligence or religious beliefs but only when actively looking for the things that are common instead of the things that divide.

For what it’s worth, you’re pretty normal, just better at expressing yourself than others.


Wobbly …




Hydrated instead of pickled In alcohol



They think I passed a stone and UTI. All good.


Very uncertain. I need to decide whether or not to change jobs


Due for my remicade for my crohns on Saturday and my body mainly my knees have been achey today :confused:


Aren’t those fun! Especially when you get that strainer you keep by the toilet to go fishing and catch them while your in agony at the same time trying to pee it out lol :man_facepalming:t3:


Disconnected. My depression and anxiety are trying to tell me I still don’t belong anywhere, that I’ll never fit in, ill never find love, etc.


Just noises we are able to hear with sobriety. Keep doing what you gotta do, without poison.


Thank you. Yes, I’m just gonna keep doing the next right thing, connecting with my HP, and fellows in sobriety, here in this forum and in my home group.


I feel fantastic too!!!



Why didn’t I buy a sander a long time ago? Sanding by hand is for the birds lol


But very therapeutic, with the right mindset :slight_smile:


That’s accurate, yeah.

Thanks. Yeah. That’s probably true lol. Thanks😊


Very true. I definitely enjoyed sanding the wood and stuff, but the fiberglass. Hell no. The bondo with fiberglass filler. Not really. The glazing putty, yes as it’s very sandable and nice.


Just like yesterday. Highs, and lows but doing a good job at staying in the middle.



Looking to destress soon. Need some meditation and peaceful thoughts.