One word on how you feel today


Have to buy ball gag for that bastard :grin:



Need to get past this feeling. Teaching a stewardship class tonight and don’t want to carry my day in there.






Fresh…as a daisy


Winning! :joy:


Hopeful. First weekend with a day off with no plans to buy my usual wine and blow my weekend away. I can do this!!! Keep busy. Thanks to everyone on your support.


Craving. I got call from company where I was in job interview. I didn’t get job. Soon after that I got anxious and huge cravings and I fear I might relapse if I get chance… Still I want to stay sober. I won’t go looking for drugs or alcohol. It’s friday, there aren’t meetings nearby and I know many of my friends are taking drugs right now not that far from here. It’s really, really difficult right now. I know it will pass but not soon enough… Ok that was little more than one word or ten letters.




Only my second day of not drinking, but I’m feeling stronger! Two days ago when I found this app I was thinking… ok I will only drink on weekends. Now with the weekend approaching… I just HAVE TO PROVE to myself that I CAN DO IT!
Happy weekend everyone! :heart:


Hey, how are you doing? Remember: taking drugs or drink won’t solve any problem. It will only cause more problems. Fight this sober! You can do this.


Im doing good 8 days sober


Hi, I’m fine, stayed clean for this day. Thank You for caring! Went to see old friend who I haven’t seen in 2 years. Before I was too ashamed to contact him. We had long talk and decided to be more in contact. Without him I might have relapsed. I’m happy he was willing to let me in :grin:



Glad this work week is coming to a close. Wasn’t particularly bad, just draining. Like being mauled by a dachshund.


Thank you! Just gotta go straight home after work!



All around, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Work is definitely a big part of it but mix in everything else and sober…definitely a rough week.


Tempted :frowning:


Stay strong. Find a distraction and get an early night x


Hi, @KatMissK welcome to the most amazing group of people. Stay strong. Loads of people here to give advice, share experience and offer support.


After sleeping the whole day I feel hungry. But it’s almost midnight…hm…shrugs
Going to make some fries ^^