One word on how you feel today



I belong in this life, I get to be a good example of a man for my kids, I get to be a best friend to my wife, I get to be a son to my mom.

If I wasn’t who I am today, I don’t think they’re lives would be a full or whole as they could be.

Lifes a precious commodity, time is something that is non refundable.


Loving this thread today! Such great stuff!

I’m feeling inquisitive. Curious. Peaceful. Content. Proud. Growing. Spiritual. So many awesome things!


You have got this, stay strong


Thank you hope all is well for you


So far so good, thanks for asking


You got a plan for whats to come? A plan A, B and C would be a good start.


Tired. But grateful :relieved:


Great cant wait to make 1 year 2 months to go.





Even. Life is great right now but I’m not allowing myself to forget where I’ve come from.


Mischievous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:


Aligned. Peaceful. And that was HARD af to do today but I did!! :heart:


Ok. It’s not a great word but it’s not a bad word so I’m okay with “ok”. :blush:


Ambiguous. Its day 90 and I thought i’d feel really happy but I would really love a drink. Dont seem to be doing well being sober !!!


Did you just put down the drink or did you begin a journey of self discovery/rediscovery?

Stopping drinking is only half the work to do.


I was the same way at that point…it does get better. Day 90 was the day I went to my first AA meeting…I knew if I didnt, I was going to drink. Lots of programs out there to help.


Lol only 3 months till beach season, have to keep pushing myself to get in great shape



Been inside for too long.


Both I think. Been working through alot. Doing mindfullness, changing work pattern, eating better, trying to keep a journal and listening to my self with compassion. However my mood is really low I mean suicidal low. Been to doctor and on antidepressants. Will keep trying x


I have very little meetings here. One on a Sunday in the village. 3 or 4 older people.