One word on how you feel today


SMART I believe you can do online…there is info on here about it…may help


From what I’ve read and heard 90 days is one of the most common times for relapse. I think what you’re experiencing is very common. But if you can push through it you should feel better soon. Not that rough times won’t happen again, but if you can get through this one you can get through them all.



Thank you @VSue xxx. One day at a time I suppose. I really appreciate the encouragement xxx


PROUD. had every intention of getting loaded and went to a meeting instead. Never ever done that before.


Emotional… Again


Me too. The last 2 days I’ve been fighting back sudden tears. It’s messed up. I’m not actually sad but I just feel so sad.



Seven days til the one year mark!


Anxious. No particular reason, anxiety is just acting up today. -_-


Hang in there…emotional sober is exponentially better than emotional under the influence.








Have the most excruciating headache, don’t know why…


Determined. Failure is not an option. I dont think it’s going to happen anyways. I am doing what I’m doing because I was guided here. Also blessed to have been given the right people in my life to help me succeed.



I’ve had an awful cold so am having myself a little pitty party in my darkened living room at 4:56am. Haha.


Blessed :slight_smile:


I don’t have a word. Instead I have a picture to sum it up


I Feel Numb


Greatful. Exhausted.