One word on how you feel today


Better is my word


I can relate to how you feel :purple_heart:
I’ve been a ball of sadness and anger lately too. I have been thinking about drinking everyday because I’m in terrible physical and mental pain.
I’m not drinking though. I understand I don’t have good coping mechanisms. I can’t cope well, no one taught me. But I’m trying to teach myself.
Your situation is needing you to cope, so you want to drink. You know using will lead to worst places.
What else can you fall back on?
I’m sorry you are hurting.


You know it!


Hopefull. I fell like i can do it.


Longing … for the weekend :-):grinning:


Cold. Winter decidet to come back to germany. So I’m rolled into my blanket shivering :tornado::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_rain:


Exhausted :zzz:


Sleepy. … can good sleep make you sleepy? I am starting to think so.


Tired…early recovery!


Down. I feel down.


Deeply grateful.
To be here, sober and free :pray:


Sleeping too much makes me sleepy :expressionless::sweat_smile:


Confused …


Proud. 1st day done.


First happy, than frustrated and confused, than proud and now happy again! Feelings are like clouds…they come and go! :cloud::sun_behind_large_cloud::partly_sunny::cloud:


Tentative :confused:





I got maybe 2 hrs of sleep last night. No idea why I couldnt sleep, my head feels hot and eyes are puffy and grainy. Been trying to catch a nap all day to no avail. If this is what real insomnia is like, I am truly sorry for all of you who suffer. :weary::pleading_face:


Freezing…@Donnie_Spiering were you cold in the beginning?? I mean it’s warming up here it was 50 out today and im legit freezing my feet are like icicles im under three blankets have a robe on and my heating pad on and it’s always like this lol


Try some tylenol or ibuprofen. I had problems like that, and I would get hot flashes. Still happens every time I go one step lower on the medication i am coming off of. Tylenol makes the chills go away.