One word on how you feel today


Today I feel MAGICK.




Hope it passes


HOPEFUL! :heart: Day 1


Hopeless today


Productive - We did a lot of patch work on our house today and a bit of painting. Tomorrow we are going to finish the painting. My husband took the day off work as we have a crew coming to do all new flooring in our house and some other work. We are in Florida and are still dealing with Hurricane Irma stuff. It took us this long for the insurance company to finally cave and help us Thank God!


Exhausted :sleeping: is it friday yet?


Productive as well, I’ve accomplished a lot this week!!! I am loving being sober. I am not sure how I survived before.




Reflective:- eight years today since my dad died way to young, first time I’ve done this day sober


Content. Satisfied. Fulfilled. Happy. Joyous. Free.


Grateful! Today will be the last day that i chair the Saturday 6am Get It Together group of AA. Its been such a privilege this last 90 days to hear all the wonderful shares of my friends and celebrate people for 24 hours of sobriety all the way up to decades. I highly recommend anyone attending AA to volunteer to chair a meeting. Its helped me with my anxiety and public speaking so much and what better place to that than with my friends in recovery! Have a great day everyone thats full of love and serenity!


Happy to be sober. Happy that I have my family, my dog, my life. Happy for today. Just today.




Thats My Feeling today as well. Determined and Empowered!


Connected :heart:


Coffee-addicted! I gonna drink another cappucino in the :sun_with_face:! Mjam mjam :slight_smile:


Faster!! :metal:t2::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Anxious, want change not sure if I’m ready for it


Also anxious but thats my own fault