One word on how you feel today


So so sleepy




Unsettled without a cause


Ready !:blush::blush::blush:






Pretty rested body seems to be getting better as time goes on lost of hard work :sunglasses:


Story of my life… My daughter goes with hee dad every other weekend as well. I think i have to change something to figure out how to resist the cravings… Its lile a continuous cycle… In my head i want to quit frfr but i also think about summer time and with me living on the lake its hard to not drink when everyone else is. But i just have to stay positive and find new friends i guess. ??


Very Grateful I can call this home




Blessed :heart:


Fatigued again
( I think a lot may be related to the pollen that is popping all at once )


Balloon… (a flat one = cfs)


Surprisingly calm. Almost 15 days sober.


Son has a fever, 2 nights of no sleep. But better to be exhausted from this then from a hangover :):laughing:




Confident :+1::+1::+1:




Isn’t it horrible this year? I don’t know where you’re located but around me it’s been pretty bad. I had been feeling in a fog for a week and couldn’t figure it out until someone mentioned how terrible allergies were this year. :roll_eyes:


Chaotic (10 letters)