One word on how you feel today


Uninspired. Decided. Disgusted. Suspicious. Hungry.




Exasperated :exploding_head::rage:


Today I feel hurt


I feel weird because all of my family from out of state left and it’s so quiet now…


Exhausted, mentally drained and anxious. More than a word I know.


High. Off endorphins.


Zany…like I want to ride my bicycle up and down supermarket aisles…???:crazy_face:


How did you do that?


Went for a run! Do you work out?


Amazing I wish I was a runner! I’m very slowly starting to get more active!


Awesome! We all start somewhere! I didn’t start working out really, until about two years ago.

There are two threads here on the Forum if you need a little motivation… the Working On Working Out thread and the Strava thread if you have that app.




What did you start out doing??


Update: pissed off.


Oh man :thinking:… I started off with what I was comfortable with and pushed myself little by little. The first month of working out I thought I had the flu- my entire body hurt/I felt awful and didn’t understand how or why people got into working out in the first place lol. NOW I get it!!


Unwell :frowning: but cant pinpoint with what im exhausted but sleeping well and just feel bla in general


Yeah im just doing what i can for now!




Heavy, as in I’m fucking exhausted lol