One word on how you feel today


Rested ( I got some good sleep last night)




Scatter-brained. The benzo withdrawals are making it very difficult for me to function at work.


Relaxed. I bought a weighted blanket and i might not leave the house today.






Awesome! I’ve always thought about purchasing one. I don’t have a weighted blanket, but I sleep with several on me and can’t if there aren’t enough.


I got this one at target. They seem to becoming more common for everyday comfort.




Sad…the Notre dame is on fire…




Even broken crayons color beautiful pictures. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way


I want one!


Like a beau bow on a bo


S t r o n g




Im feeling lost today


I am saddened by this as well. Wonderful piece of architecture that millions upon millions have visited and found strength from.


They even make tighty shirts for show dogs! And “Thundershirts” for anxious pets. The heavy blanket will usher in the new Hygge in the United States. And we have plenty of reasons to hide under the covers!


@Shadowstar Hopefully your day got better as it went on.
Hang in there and keep going!! Here’s a balloon to cheer you up. :balloon: