One word on how you feel today




My word is BETTER


Feeling down. I’ll blame it on Monday.


I hear ya, Mondays can be rough.


Definitely. I just hate feeling this way and not knowing why. In the past all I would wanna do on a day like today was drink. But ultimately that solved nothing and only made me feel worse the next day.


Ya exactly, it’s just a way to avoid what the actual issue is, which solves nothing, I would have days like that quite frequently as well.


Too BLESSED to be stressed :milky_way:


Right on! I love the optimism


Your too beautiful to be lonely… What’s your addiction?


Heroin - been clean since 9-1-10 and alcohol - I have 3 months and eleven days free


Confused…a lot


Worried… about finals tomorrow


My one word that describes my feelings today is “achy”.


Frustrated, but hopefully sushi will help.


Clean :wink::heart::heart::heart:


That’s awesome…I don’t know a lot of former heroin addicts. I’ve lost an aunt and uncle to H. And now you got freedom from alcohol. That’s my addiction plus other stuff. I’m trying hard to beat this. Little brother died 2 years ago and it fucked me up. Today I’m sober and alright. Just need more support from people who know this shit better than me. :star2::heartbeat:


Beat the f down but still sober.


One word that discribes what I’m feeling today is OPTIMISTIC!!




Stressing tf out…