One word on how you feel today


Dont give into self pity. Say nice things to yourself. Did u try that meditation. It helped me last night and today.


27 days cocaine free.
21 days alcohol free.
I’m getting there. Yay.
How longs it been for the rest of you.


Energetic :facepunch:
I’m on day 23 now. Feeling good.


On day 13 in a few more hours getting better with each day. I Had to push myself alil this morning …


Naked. I feel naked. Maybe because I’m naked?


Bored. I feel bored… :neutral_face: and watching some odd American car show: )


Day 5 and I’m feeling pretty good!


Gratitude. Another beautiful day ahead. One day at a time. Hope everyone has a strong positive sober day.


Angry! Bizarrely I feel angry…
So I’m sat in my shed where I can cause no harm :blush:


Alive :muscle: :pray: :grimacing:


If all else fails retreat to the man shed. The anger will pass soon. You’re doing great.


Broken, yet I’m alive!!




Hopeful. Just reached my 10 days :balloon:


Are you ok.


Im now sat in thr kitchen making a roast dinner

God this is hard :confused:


Yea I’m ookkk now!! Had a few bad dreams again last night!!


Thinking about temptation, that’s three words. One word - conflicted




So what does relapse prevention plan tell you to do?