One word on how you feel today


Depends on how long you are sober :wink::grin:


Going for a coffee and eggs Florentine
Hopefully I’ll be less irritable:)



Because that is what you are when you kick the poison.



Hungry. Decided to do a one day fasting. A couple of these a month are apparently good for you so why not. It’s 10:25 am and I could eat a horse so wish me luck :joy::joy::joy:


Got out my area to see if would help with recovery. Without the dealers and local pubs I have managed to stay clean for a month now. Best choice I ever made getting out of the area for awhile.


Ok. I feel ok. My tinnitus is driving me bonkers but that’s ok.


Emotional. I get really stressed. I hope this passes and I know it doesn’t take much for me to get overwhelmed but I just want some peace.


Anxious fidgety


Exposed, like all my human goo is on display.


In active I was broken :broken_heart:
In recovery I am hopeful :sparkling_heart:


The band-aid is off, the bleeding begins


Feeling dead today


Busy…content…normal? :thinking:

16 days…back to work…structure feels good.


Slow! Went for a run today after two weeks off (holidays and extreme cold). Feel so out of shape in just two weeks!


How’d u get on lovely?




I felt vulnerable and quiet yesterday. The new day has just started, going to workout and then off to the abbey for Mass.
Thanks for asking! How are you doing?


Yeah a bit flat today but okay


Okay. Feel ok. I’ll take that and run with it


Okay isnt great but ok isnt high so ok must be great cause being sober is. Lol @Timetochange