One word on how you feel today


I’m going to keep plodding down this road

And then when I have some time under my belt I’ll hopefully feel ok with ok :blush:


Hella yeah!


Grateful thankful hopefully positive


That’s the word. Regardless of any other emotion and physical sensation I feel hopeful


Sleepy. My body is telling me to get to bed, it’s finally giving off signals the right way.
It’s almost 9:30 PM here.




Sleepy, just had a long bath and now i’m super relaxed. I hope i can sleep more than 4 hours tonight


Still tired…I just used my debt card to try to get into my hotel room… twice.


Tired. Just SO. freaking. tired.


Sedated… without any medication


So tired, yet so awake. Been in bed almost 2 hours now, just as i find a comfortable position and eyes are heavy, i gotta get up to take a leak. Drinking tea is relaxing and all…but dont drink 16 oz of it before going to bed!


Energized :blush:


Melancholic. I don’t know why but there you go :blush:




Happy :hugs: I’m just on my way home and was thinking about what i have to buy for the weekend and in the next moment i was like “Wait! You don’t have to start the big grocery shopping tour today b’cause you won’t be hungover tomorrow“ Whoop whoop So i can visit the Market tomorrow morning to buy fresh veggies and fruit :heart_eyes:








I feel good!
It’s only 5.30pm but on that note j want to go to bed and call it a success


I feel so listless. Like there’s nothing stimulating in my life. And there’s nobody who even cares.
Its hard to stay positive when you feel like you barely exist.