One word on how you feel today


Cheer up. It’s the weekend now. So chill and relax and enjoy it


Happy ! Hi to everyone ! :blush:


Down and struggling with thoughts of a cold beer or ten.




Amazing! Life had been going so well


I’m trying!
Going to get me some ice cream tonight though :nerd_face:


Optimistic. Life is good at the moment, I enjoy this


Humble and Grateful


Better :smile::grin::smiley::grinning:






Tired …


As a kid, we used to jump off a 10 meter diving platform and yell supercali… I could never make it past …ex before hitting the water. Lol.


The perfect non-hangover treat! :icecream:


Just done


Tired but still sober so tnk hp for that




Frustrated and afraid. There is one thing in my job that I just don’t understand. And in the past I made some mistakes bc of that. And now I get a lot of pressure, either I stop making mistakes or I’ll get another position (a less good payed one of course). Now I really think that I messed with my brain the last years. I feel really like a stupid person, I feel like I totally fail in my position. That causes anxiety and that causes more mistakes and this makes me really craving for a drink right now. :disappointed:


Upbeat bit extremely wary as I know how fragile my sobriety is this time


Anxious and tired