One word on how you feel today


I’m feeling dooped.


Hopeful and determined




Tired today. It’s like I’m having a phantom hangover from the Super Bowl yestetday.


Grateful. :slight_smile:


Sore. Still full of eczema and pimples :disappointed: This is really hard, but I’m getting through this


Lost. I feel horrible :frowning:


Alive - again, it’s a wonderful feeling to feel the brain gaining strength and your heightened alertness and awareness is switched on.

I’ve discovered Adult sober me. When I was 17 I started drinking, always binges in the beginning, 17 years later I’m drinking most days, 2 or three “home” measures of vodka and a 200 ml bottle was gone. I kept buying 200 ml bottles to fool myself that it wasn’t that much, eventually it wasn’t enough.

Days waking and having a hair of the dog to get to work, rather than just carry on a party, alcoholism was progressing. Holidays were dominated with drinking and partying, I was burning out and my body was giving up. I did not know sober me, as even if it were some time in the distant future I’d have my next drink planned and alcohol would be at work on my mind.

Now there’s no plotting or planning, I’m alive and I’m free, I have found sober me and I like him.


Focused and determined :facepunch:


Better… But tired lol


No apparent reason. Even yelling at the dog. Not that satisfying. She doesn’t engage and yell back!


Haha…it’d be a lot cooler if they did!


Wonderful today!


Very grateful. :slight_smile:


Very hopeful


I am determined.


Not enough espresso.






Motivated :muscle: