One word on how you feel today


Fabulous ( 271 days)


Momentous :blush::grin::smile:


Sick :mask: :face_with_thermometer: :sneezing_face:


Optimistic :sunglasses:


Cant just write Lost as its not 10 characters


That’s it isn’t it. Its not just the drinking. It’s the plotting, the hiding it, causing bother, blackouts, hangovers, anxiety, shame and guilt. No thanks to all that.


Sad. Because of what my addiction has done to my life… And year ago my dear grandmother passed away. 4 months ago also my dear grandfather passed away. I am so f*cking sad. I am writing this while tears are falling down my face.


The last year has been the hardest thing in my life. I am so messed up with all these feelings. Please God help me.


Tempted I still have a burning desire to act out


I can feel you. Stay strong buddy!


No thanks indeed. Just heading back from holiday and it was sober and brilliant, no guilt or anxiety caused by alcohol and I’m leaving in better shape than I came.

It’s good to be free from the grip.


Determined!!! And also cardio cross fit!!! :muscle::muscle::muscle::grin::grin::grin::grin:




Derailed. 34days down the toilet. What a muppet


Ready. Tired. Worn. Forward.




(That I ran out of likes)

I promise I’m not a bot!
Really truly!


11101100 0101110 0101 111110 00 101011100, guys.


Pleased. I wanted to drink this afternoon to drown my feelings and I chose not to!

And I really like the robot joke @Browne :grinning:


Tired…7 days so far