One word on how you feel today


Exhausted…listening to good music now, recharging :wink:


Frustrated. I am sick and I have reseted again. I live in a small town and I like to go GA meetings or something like that. I know here are at the moment only AA meetings and NA meetings… I need support and this is very hard to do alone.




12 days clean and sober . Attitude of gratitude.


A bit fuzzy. Not sure if i need sleep, caffeine, food, or just less stress.




Day 156 …
Feeling great! It’s 76 degrees out(I live in SW Pennsylvania so that’s really warm) and I’m going to a hospital to carry the message for the first time.


Hopeful :pray: xxxx


Undead xxxxxxxx


Anxious, second night for me and could really use a drink or two


Happy. Got a new job. Something that I love to do. So stay sober and clean and keep my job is my goals.


Alive. Sober and grateful.


Motivated. I’m figuring out some goals for myself and am focused on making them come true! :smile: I hope everyone has a great day!


I feel like I’m at peace.


Im cold too :slight_smile: but peace in mind


Congrats with a New job :slight_smile: very Nice


Gratitude :pray:


Content. Found a way to fix a problem concerning work. Oooohhh and like a child , its snowing here and like it rarely snows here …

i think this plant met snow for th first time :slight_smile: if you can call this snowing (held for an hour :slight_smile: )


Cold! In blighty


I N T E N T I O N A L!!:smiley:

Thats my one word!