One word on how you feel today



Today is 56 days. I will be no vacation next week and I feel like I can do this. It isn’t so scary anymore.




Are you ok. Keep strongb


Disappointed. But also determined.


Tired, unmotivated, back hurts and getting over a cold from the weekend. Wah!


Another day no drugs and alcohol feeling fantastic. One day at a time.


Tired and lonely.


Other than the cold…that sounds like me everyday. I think I’ve just accepted it as my “normal”. Anything feels great compared.




Today I’m “notinthemood”. I’m not sure what I’m not in the mood FOR, though. Probably “not in the mood for any shit”. Which is good, I guess. I’m just not going to take the shit…I’ll just walk away.


I like that better. “Get out of my aura”. I’m going to write that one down!!




AMAZED at my sobriety for 10 days!!!


Happy. :pray::heart:️:tada::medal_military:


Content. Finally going to be moving after two years of living back at home. I’m four days sober after a 10 days sober and a 9 days sober. I’ve attended 3 AA meetings and kept up on anti depressants. Feeling pleased that I am doing better and haven’t been in a hole for a while.


Challenged!( In a good way)


Rollercoastering if that’s even a word :stuck_out_tongue: up and down. Nothing is permanent though so just gonna sit tight and ride it out.


Keep your chin up!


I feel ya on that. It’s definitely a word :sunglasses:


Unappreciated. Very bad day at work. Cried my entire commute home surrounded by strangers. Still crying. Thought about drinking of course but have not.