Online AA meetings? Worth it or no?

I was thinking about finding my first ever AA meeting tonight… what are your thoughts on online meetings? I feel like it won’t hold me as accountable. Can anyone give me some insight?

Personally I like face to face meetings yes it really does hold you more accountable, but better than that you make real sober friends.


every meeting is worth going to.
If you feel that an online meeting would be easier to start with, then start with that.
Program was made by people who understood that nothing helps an alcoholic more than talking to another alcoholic. That can be done online, over the phone, in a live meeting, at a rehab, etc etc…

Meetings are a place where the solution is discussed.
as long as you are in a meeting…no matter where it’s held, you are doing something to reach the solution. is an easy place to get to know how meetings work.

I would get to a local meeting though. There’s something magical in sitting in that room


I used ZOOM for my recovery meetings for the first year of my recovery. I would definitely choose them over nothing. Give them a shot!!!

I like going in person i have to put the effort into getting out of the house, out of my comfort zone to do the work. Somedays i dread getting out but once i overcome the depression or fear of the outside world im able to feel the light and things get better for me just interacting will my fellows. The online meetings are good, but for me i just loose the sence of connection and dont really have an online meeting i go back to. My home group is a great monday and thursday meeting, then any other day of the week i can find one to go to if i feel i need some more ‘therapy’. Pretty much anytime anyday you can find one online if you really need to hear some inspiration and hope, to help avoid picking up the bottle. I am accountable for my actions! if i decide to make meetings or not. Let us know how your 1st one goes.:wink::+1:

Give them a shot what you got to loose, when i got sober Zoom wasnt a word then lol , no internet or mobiles use everything available wish you well


I went to my first ever AA meeting online recently. It wasn’t what I expected of a meeting in general. I felt a little lost and out of place but I imagine I’d have that feeling regardless if it was online or in person. Just something that you need to get adjusted to.

I’d say give online meetings a try. It’s better than not going at all (imo).


Most all of my AA experience has been online and it’s changed my entire life. It works if you work it no matter where you do it from, my sponsor and I meet online too. It’s been a life changing year and a half for me, it’s worth giving it a shot! :heart:


AA and meetings are not a magical fix. You get out of them what you put in. So give it a go and you may find what you’ve been looking for.


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Online, I have a short attention span and find myself using other apps or working on my photos and videos in the background.

I prefer in person. Im able to focus better and participate.


Did you find a meeting?

I didn’t :frowning: I got busy at work and chickened out. I’m still going strong on day 2 though! I will find one soon. I’m definitely leaning towards in person. This is my first time really trying to get sober and I think it will make it more real for me.

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don’t postpone it too much or it might get harder to make it to a meeting.