Online Chess


Looking for some brave soul to help me derust my chess skills (or lack there of) via a chess app.

By way of disclaimer IM NOT THAT GOOD so only accepting patient applicants to commit to a few moves a day because of the time change, work schedules, and because it takes me like 20 minutes to make a move. ** shrug **



I’ll play ya! Do you have a specific app?? Let’s do this😉


I’m in. Earthlings



I’m iPhone and have chess with friends and under “naturehippy808”


Whooohoo! Do you have chess with friends?


Play my brotherinlaw when he visits


I like word games more then chess, sorry! Any other type of game, and I’m in :hugs:


Never heard of it?! But hey if you start up again, let me know :hugs:


What is Evil Apples? Sounds sweet lol