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So I would like to try one of those online meetings. Sounds like a good idea. The problem is my PC camera not working, but few days ago I got a decent smartphone. What app do I need to download or what my options are? Never did video phone calls just on Skype so it is a bit complicated to me?

Inspiration to young guys who want to be “cool”. I think everyone agrees that Danny T is a bad ass cool guy - and indeed he is SOBER bad ass guy! Inspiration and motivator! If am not mistaken he even talked about that in one of his interviews about sobriety.

Download the app Zoom into your smartphone and it should guide you through.

alright. after downloading zoom what should I look for? Do I search for AA groups? I know here are a lot of suggestions but ATM it just too much for look for and I feel a bit lost… I would like to join the group where some of TS community gathers? Thank You.

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You can search for AA groups at any time or any location - this thread lists a lot of options. There is a lot listed here:

The TS meeting is not an AA meeting, but you can find details here: Zoom meeting? Saturdays - see original post for link and times

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I originally posted this on a separate thread, but then I saw this topic and figured it made more sense to post it here. I found an app called Pocket Rehab that I have found really useful. It’s similar to this one, but a little more expansive, and you can find all kinds of groups and online meetings via the app. <3


From another thread…

Hi everyone. Does anyone know any good online meetings out of CO? Quarantine has been hard, but I’m sure we can relate. If not, I’d love an AA meeting to join in on. Thanks all.

I wish I had gotten on here sooner to find these links. I have just started going routinely to two meetings a week for about 5 weeks before the shut down. Was doing better. This lock down needs to open back up.

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Any advice on non-faith based resources?

Do you know if this site has changed?
The link isn’t working for me.

The token shop is working for me is that what you were refering to?

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Good to know! Must be an issue with my phone.

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Hello everyone my name is John and I’m an addict with 120 days sober so far here in Tucson, AZ touching base on here looking for sober friends fighting the same battles and places to go for meetings here and groups that go out doing fun activities but stay sober and clean any help would be appreciated thank you and God Bless all

1 Like Lots of virtual meetings there!

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My Sponsor told me about a meeting for people 55+. They meet on Mondays at 10:30am EDT and Thursdays at 2pm EDT on Zoom. Meetings number: 889 2298 5420 password: 001031. She said there are people from all over the world, like here! I’m looking forward to checking this one out.

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Netherlands based, Dutch and English spoken meetings for AA, CA and NA.

Meetings sorted by day, time and fellowship. Calendar available on the site, as google calendar and iCal format.

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Hi Marcel! Welcome and I love that “Stupid Things” form. Thank you for the information.

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Take a look at Lifering. It is a secular alternative to the 12 step programs.


@Brittb12 I hope this helps you :+1:

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